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                    COMPANY PROFILE
                    NEWS RELEASE
                    Bamboo Pulp  
                        Bamboo pulp, patent product of Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd takes bamboo as raw material. It has properties of stable quality and good performance. Jigao is also the leading producer of bamboo pulp.
                    “TANBOOCEL” bamboo fiber  
                        “Tanboocel” bamboo fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber made from bamboo pulp through patented technology. It is featured with high tenacity and stability, strong durability and good spinnability. It is a kind of natural, green and environmental friendly textile raw material, which can be completely biodegraded in soil and blended with other materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, Tencel, Modal, polyester and spandex, etc.
                    “Tanboocel” bamboo fiber can be divided into cotton-type, medium and long-staple and wool-type. Jigao can produce fibers with special specifications according to customers’ needs. The fiber possesses the characteristics of fineness and length regularity and good spinnability. It may be spun purely or blended with other materials such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp.
                  100% BAMBOO YARNS NE10S---50S
                  BLENDED BAMBOO YARNS NE8 S---60S
                  FANCY BAMBOO YARNS
                    Tatting Fabric  
                    “Tanboocel” fiber fabric is soft, smooth and comfortable. Thanks to the hollow structure of “Tanboocel” fiber, the fabric can absorb and evaporate water instantly, which is also featured with excellent color stainless, durability, resilience and drapability. It favors by people in hot summer and caters to people who like sports.
                    T-shirt Fabric  
                    Such kind of fabric possesses characteristics of lightness, softness and smooth tactility, clear texture, soft and bright color, good durability, resilience and stiffness. The fabric takes advantage of comfortableness and bacteriostasis of “Tanboocel” fiber, stiffness and size stability of polyester fiber, so it is an ideal choice for high-grade T-shirts.
                    a. Excellent moisture absorption and permeability; comfortable to wear and leaves no perspiration; extremely cool in summer and warm in winter.
                  b. Anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic, make no harm to human skin.
                  c. Superior in anti-ultraviolet, especially ultraviolet that may cause skin cancer
                  d. Soft, smooth and good drapability.
                  e. Bright color and special luster; good dyeing properties and color fastness; give no toxic effect to human body.
                  f. Good durability and scratch resistance, free of hair bulbs
                    Home Textiles  
                    As“Tanboocel”bamboo fiber is fine and hollow, it has excellent properties of moisture absorption, air permeability and unique resilience, which make it superior to cotton fibers. Home textiles from “Tanboocel” fiber can instantly absorb and evaporate water, feel smooth and delicate. With high air permeability and moisture absorption abilities, they are anti-bacteria, anti-mildew and anti-moth. Meanwhile, they also have the effectiveness of beauty and skin care.
                  BAMBOO TOWELS
                  BAMBOO TOWELS
                  BAMBOO TOWELS
                  BAMBOO ROBES & GOWNS
                  BAMBOO ROBES & GOWNS
                  BAMBOO ROBES & GOWNS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                  BAMBOO BEDDINGS
                    Sanitary Material  
                    “Tanboocel” bamboo fiber has a good antibacterial effect against E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other harmful bacteria. Thus the material can be applied in such areas as sanitary napkins, masks, pad, food packaging. Gauze, and surgical clothing, nurse clothing, medical gloves, bed sheets, etc that make from “Tanboocel” bamboo fiber provide function to cut off the route of contagion and protect human body.
                    Ornamental Textiles  
                    Bamboo fiber is very helpful to ornaments industry, due to its anti-bacteria and anti-ultraviolet functions. With the serious deterioration of the ozone layer, more and more harmful UV-C reaches on the ground and long time exposure to UV-C will lead to skin cancer. The bamboo fiber–made hats, shawls, and others can absorb all wavelengths of ultraviolet light, to minimize the damage to the human body. At the same time, bamboo fiber can be applied in high-end wallpaper, keeping not wet and moldy for long time. Bamboo fiber can be used to make interior ornaments such as curtains, television covers, sofa sets, etc.
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